In recent years wildfires have become more prevalent and frequent in California – growing in size, intensity and destructiveness. While some have been proven to be caused by human error or negligence, a recurring yet not fully proven theory has attributed the causes of the Whittier Fire, Thomas Fire, Rey Fire to swaying power lines touching one-another and sparking during high wind weather events, igniting the parched brush beneath.

In light of this and as a preemptive measure, Southern California Edison (SCE) have begun public information campaigns to alert the public that electrical utility providers statewide may elect to power down sections of the electrical grid during extreme weather events.  This is a new policy designed to help mitigate the risk of wildfires.  It remains to be seen how such a policy will play out in terms of the frequency and duration of outages.

Tenants are encouraged to have a plan in place in the event that such electrical shut-downs do occur. It is important that you review your emergency systems/processes in place for your business, such as a computer battery back-up for times when power is not available to your premises. Alternative power solutions, such as back-up generators, may also be a good solution for some tenants. Outage information is often updated directly by Southern California Edison on their website.

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