Summer weather will soon be over and colder, winter weather setting in.

While we are blessed with almost year-round sunshine and temperatures consistently in the mid-seventies in Southern California, believe it or not, we do still experience our own winter weather and seasonal changes worth being prepared for. These changes might not be as dramatic as the ones our friends on the East-Coast experience, but it is important to know what to expect. Below is LYNX’s top five things to do to prepare for this winter in Southern California:

  1. Heating Systems – Fortunately our warm climate makes our dependence on these minimal, which often results in dust and debris accumulating inside the unit over the warmer months of the year. Unfortunately this can cause an unpleasant burning smell when you fire it up for the first time in months, or, in rare cases, cause a unit to malfunction. We recommend that you clear your unit of dust and debris and give it a test. If you aren’t convinced it’s working as it should, give us a shout and we’ll have someone out to take a look for you.
  2. Outdoor Lighting and Timers – This time of year sees the sun set much earlier in the evening and it will only get darker once the clocks go back an hour on November 6th. Make sure you have sufficient outdoor lighting provisions for your staff and customers. If you are concerned about your lighting provisions, need outdoor light-bulbs replacing or timers re-set, please reach out to your LYNX property manager.
  3. Wind and Rain – Cooler temperatures and darker evenings aside, winter in Southern California can bring in strong winds and heavy rain to the region. If you are concerned about the condition of your roof or skylight and susceptibility to leaks, please let us know and we’d love to evaluate this for you. Rain and windy conditions can also create slippery surfaces and potential for falling debris – make sure you have adequate non-slip surfaces on your sales floors and entryways and ensure any fallen palm branches aren’t causing any obstructions to you, your staff or your customers.
  4. Building Repairs and Maintenance – Help us help you by reporting maintenance requests to us through your tenant portal, no matter how small. What may seem small now can easily manifest itself into something far more serious once winter sets in.
  5. Flooding – Due to the drought California is currently experiencing, storm-water does not soak into the ground in the way it once did, rather running across the surface until it converges and settles at a low point in the land – for the Santa Barbara area this is typically the ocean. During last winter’s rainstorms, water would quickly converge in the downtown area of Santa Barbara and flooded numerous businesses. We can help identify areas of risk for you but it may be a good idea to be prepared by purchasing some sandbags.

While we hope you have a great winter and upcoming holiday season, we advise you take a few minutes to review our tips above and contact us if you have any areas of concern. Know that we are here for you!

LYNX Management, Inc.

Posted by: LYNX Management, Inc. on October 25, 2016
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