FullSizeRenderSummer is upon us, and the kids will soon be out of school. Along with increased numbers of tourists, the summer months always bring an increase in transients, vandalism and gang related tagging. Because of this, we strongly suggest you do the following:

Graffiti Film – Since most tenants are responsible for maintaining their storefront or office window glass, install graffiti film on your ground level windows. It’s cheap compared with the cost of replacing etched glass. If your glass is already etched, replace it. But make sure to have graffiti film applied the same day. This simple preventative step has saved many of our tenants thousands of dollars.

Act Quickly – Speed is the key, keep a can of Goof-Off or Goo-Gone handy, and use it immediately (after you snap a picture) when graffiti is found. Leaving graffiti up gives the vandals time to admire their work. It’s also an invitation to other graffiti vandals to add their tags to the same location. If someone has been sleeping or loitering around, and is leaving you messes to clean up, it’s important to act quickly. Get the police and LYNX involved.

Report – Always report vandalism and graffiti. A documented incident of vandalism or graffiti can add three months of community service or prison per incident onto a felon’s sentence. The reports you make, also help inform the City’s decision makers about priorities in our downtown.

If the crime is in process, call 911.

Public Right Of Way – If the vandalism, graffiti or transient related problem is in the public right of way, click here to report it to the graffiti hot line, or click here to file an online police report.

Private Property – If the graffiti or vandalism occurred on your building or elsewhere on the premises, click here to file an online police report.

Report to LYNX – Take a picture with your phone and let LYNX know what you found, and what you have done to report or mitigate the issue. Click here to log-in to your tenant portal to get us up to speed on the incident and to request maintenance if needed.

As your management company, we want to step in as quickly as possible and help make sure these issues are addressed. Help us help you by keeping a watchful eye for signs of trouble and let us know as soon as possible if you see anything concerning. Know that we are here for you.

LYNX Management, Inc.

Posted by: LYNX Management, Inc. on July 1, 2016
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